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  • Up to 160 characters per msg
  • Link shortener
  • Web widget sign-up tool
  • Audience segmentation (groups)
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SMS Price Comparison

LIMITED TIME OFFER! *All new users will get 1,000 free SMS text when you sign up plus you still get your
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ShopAlertsLoyal ShopsMobile Text Alertsez TextingSlick Text
Just $.006 /ea.
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Tiered Pricing
$.05 or more
Tiered + Overages
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Tiered Pricing
500 SMSYour first 500 messages are free every month!$15$18$25$35$29
1,000 SMS$21$27$35$54$49
2,000 SMS$27$40$59$117$79
5,000 SMS$45$80$138$222$189
10,000 SMS$75$130$249$382$350
25,000 SMS$165$265$649$1,100$750
50,000 SMS$315$500$949$2,000$1,250
100,000 SMS$615$1000$1749--

Reach your Shopping Community and Get Them to Take Action Now


Tell your fans when you're live on Facebook with new inventory or an incredible sale.


Keep your TEAM updated and notified about all the important happenings.


Tell your subscribers when you're live on YouTube. Let them know when you've uploaded your latest episode.


Tell your community when you've added new inventory to your website or when an items has been restocked.


Increase community engagement through giveaways.


Reduce your inventory by texting coupon codes to your shopping community.

Certified Across All Major Carriers in the U.S. & Canada

Sign Up & Start Saving Today

Limited Time Offer* Get 1,000 FREE Bonus Texts Messages with new paid accounts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ShopAlerts for?

ShopAlerts is exclusively available to approved LuLaRoe retailers via an application process.

How many keywords come with my account?

At launch, each new account will be assigned one unique keyword.

How fast is ShopAlerts?

Our system uses a carrier-approved shortcode specifically designed for high-volume promotional messages. It is capable of delivering messages at the fastest rate possible.

Can I send MMS messages?

MMS messages are on our roadmap and will be available soon.